Last full day in HH...

Jul. 14th, 2017 08:34 pm
[personal profile] isabel79
Saw Spaderman.  I enjoyed it.  But I guess you'd have to see the other Marvel movies before.  Well kinda...  I felt kinda lost, but was able to pick up quickly.  How did I not know Spaderman was a Mets fan and from Queens!?!  I immediately spotted the Piazza banner in this room and a Mets cap.  Anyway...  It was enjoyable and makes me want to watch more Marvel comic movies.  I need to complete my geekdom.

Yesterday we went to Walmart.  [personal profile] geebs broke his glasses.  I bought an HH hoodie and a few shirts for Mom and Dad.  Ant didn't get his glasses fixed.  We then went to Coligny.  I bought tshirts, mugs, etc.

I created an Instagram for Elliot.  ElliotTheDragon77  I then discovered I couldn't post pictures on the laptop and I didn't have new pics on my tablet.  So complicated!  Anyway...  I friended everyone I have friended on my regular instagram.  I doubt Jessica would know who he is.  Lol.

Went to Tanger 1 and ate at The Olive Garden.  I bought a duffel bag.  Knew I should have brought one from home, but I didn't want to be presumptuous...

Still in HH.

Jul. 12th, 2017 02:55 pm
[personal profile] isabel79
Still can't swim, but tanning.  Way too hot today.  Normally I'd be out for more than a hour or 2.  But I was out for maybe 1:30 tops.  Anyway...

Going to the movies with [personal profile] geebs, while the aunts go to Tanger again.

Yesterday we went to Harbour Town.  And...  From watching the Weather Channel post hurricane, I discovered they had a gift shop at the top of the lighthouse!  So [personal profile] geebs and I went up.  We had to pay...  Well he paid.  We then got crushed pennies and other souvenirs coins on the way up.  114 steps.  Had ice cream at the bottom.  Bought a few other nick nacks.  Power napped, then went to One Hot Mama's.  1 hour wait!  Crazy!!!  Too much, imo.  The ribs weren't as great as I remembered.

All Star Game!  Our only representative was Michael Conforto.  He came up bottom of the 9th.  Runner in scoring position, tied game and made an out.  Had the chance to be a star!

Did I already say [personal profile] geebs and I are going to the movies?  Watching the new Spaderman movie.

In HH...

Jul. 10th, 2017 08:17 pm
[personal profile] isabel79
Dad is in the hospital again.  He went in Friday, for supposid seizure activity.  Mom witnessed 2, but her description made me question it.  It seemed like more of his hallucinations.  Anyway, he was given some meds to help him sleep at night and started on anticonvusants without having answers from the MRI or EEG they plan to do.  Either way, he doesn't seem to be doing great right now.

Anyway...  HH.

Got to Queens around 2 to 3.  Tita Nette was just getting in.  But then they made us eat and then we went to church b/c we may not get to HH in time.  So we basically left around 6.  I drove parts of VA to NC.  Maybe 3 hours...  Just after 12 to 3 something.  Then slept more and drove after breakfast b/c Tito Abe was still sleepy.  I drove to just outside of the island and he drove us in, etc.

I started bleeding...  I just finished my period last week and by period, I mean heavy bleeding for 2 weeks.  At first I thought it was ovulation pain / bleeding, but then it got heavier and heavier.  Maybe it's a real period and it will last a few days vs 2 weeks.  So I went to the beach to tan this AM and sat pool side while [personal profile] geebs swam.  Oddly...  The aunts keep asking me if I'm going in the water when I'm sleeping  on a towel and filling the garbage with blood soaked pads.  Oh yeah, I'm also having cramps which is atypical of my 2 week bleeds.  So...  I'm hopeful.

Going to tanger today.  The Aunts were ill prepared at how cold the room is, even with the AC off.


Tanger.  I bought earrings from Claire's.  Coffee to last the year.  Then last minute went to Build a Bear and got care bears...  We care a lot!

In other news...  I bled through my period panties again!  I only have 1 left and my other 2 are air drying in the bathroom.  Maybe tomorrow I should let them dry outside?


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