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Sep. 16th, 2017 09:49 pm
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They didn't come today.  Mom came up at almost 11 to tell me...  I hate it when they don't come cause...  1.  They bring me my breakfast from BK.  So if they don't come, I don't know I need to come down and get breakfast myself.  Add to that...  If I'm awake for a bit, I'm already hungry at like 8 / hours before they come.  Not eating pisses me off.  Mom then went out.  I...  Felt gross, but didn't want to get out of bed and...  If I showered...  What is the point?  I'm not going any where but back to bed.  I did manage to get up and shower and watched a few shows off my DVR.  Agatha Raisin.  It's a British comedy murder mystery show.  The 1st episode was funny.  Maybe b/c I watched them back to back to back, it lost its charm over time.

I've developed a new system...  As I said, someone activated my free trial of Showtime / HBO / Cinemax.  I just canceled it b/c I was gonna bill me tomorrow.  Add to that I noticed an android device logged into my account and once again, [profile] 7500centfish said it wasn't her.  I'm also not aware of [profile] 7500centfish having android devices.  So I disabled them.  I then changed my password.  Anyway...  Like I said, it was an inconvenient time with baseball season...  But then I "discovered" I can watch TV off the laptop (I can't on the desktop via the optimum app...).  So as I recorded Twin Peaks, watched baseball on my laptop and...  When I get ADD I'd have twitter, instagram, youtube on my tablet.  Lol...  There are a few other shows I've seen, but want to keep that I need to do that for, but...  I'm too lazy right now / want to do other things.  Then I need to clear up my hard drives.  Need to develop a balance.

I'd like to apologize...

Sep. 10th, 2017 01:08 am
[personal profile] isabel79 anyone I shared ice cream with today...  I'm a little sick right now and didn't think of it till I was mid sharing the ice cream.  Woops.

As usual, they asked me where I wanted to eat, then proceed to give me excuses as to why they don't want to eat here or there.  I can't eat burgers, I don't like sandwiches, etc, etc.  Ugh.  We ended up eating at Applebees.  They then asked if I wanted an appetizer.  No.  They get nachos.  "Why are you not eating?  They taste good!"  Ugh...  I'm so sick of food.  I often wonder, if I'm such a picky eater, why am I so fat?  I know the answer...  B/c I over compensate with things I like.  So fat...

Mall...  I need to buy things...  But I have no money.  At one point I thought of borrowing money "from Dad" but...  I just went through my finances.  Any money I "borrow" to repay my debt is just gonna go back into my Broadway / Travel funds and...  I don't need money in them right now.  I need money in my medical fund and...  Like I said I need stuff.

I need a new GPS.  When we went to HH...  I had bought a car plug extension cord.  It worked fine going to HH, but on the way home...  Maybe b/c one day the GPS was left in the sun?  So I don't know if the issue is with the traffic receiver cable or the GPS itself.  But whenever I plug it in, it first registers as if I plugged it into my computer.  It then, after a few seconds, loads the maps.  And after that I have no traffic info...  So...  When I'm driving if I divert anywhere it keeps telling me to go back to the NSP and not stay on the road I'm on / recalculate.  Thank God, I knew where I was going!  [profile] 7500centfish said I went without a GPS for years I can go a few weeks without.  She suggested I ship it to Garmin for repair.  Via online sources that cost $110.  In addition a new traffic receiver is $60.  Might as well get a new GPS.  In addition, in response to [profile] 7500centfish saying I went without....  But I had maps in my car!  I even looked online if I can buy a back up map.  B/c personally...  I liked to look at maps before making a trip to know where I'm going instead of blindly following where the GPS tells me to go.  I mean...  I even zoom out / look at the written directions before I leave for a location!  Anyways...  In my research it seems like the newest model requires smartphone connection for traffic signals.  WHAT IS THE POINT IN A GPS THEN!?!  So I have to go for the older or a refurbished model.  WTF...  At least it's cheaper than the newest model, I guess.

Back to money.  At this point I think I'll keep the money where it is...  And my medical debt...  According to my calculations by the end of the year I should be able to pay whatever I borrowed from.  Long story short...  I really just need to control my spending.  I can live off a few tshirts / pairs of pants for 6 months.

Trying to binge watch Twin Peaks...  For some reason a free trial of Showtime / Cinemax / HBO was started on my HULU account.  And no one is owning up to starting it.  Really inconvenient time for me too b/c I haven't watched HULU or Amazon since baseball season started.  I contacted HULU and they can't tell me who started it, just it came from an authorized connection.  But then if I cancel it now, I lose my free trial forever.  Forever.  FOREVER...  So I kept it.  [profile] 7500centfish is trying to watch GOT.  I'm trying to watch Twin Peaks.  I saw the 1st ep and...  Meh.  It just doesn't feel the same / it's being too weird right off the bat and I feel like I need to work myself into it.  The original / first season had a charm to it.  I'm not feeling it...  At least not yet.  Ugh...  But I'm having a hard time trying to find time.  In addition to Mets games, I'm falling asleep too early / waking up at night / doing things to help me sleep, which don't include actively watching shows.  Then I'm always trying to empty my DVR.  Per night, I get enough empty to do the next days worth of shows.  The struggle is real!  Lol...

Went grocery shopping.  The grocery store we went to for years closed like maybe 2 years ago already and since then the parents hadn't gone grocery shopping...  Just getting what we need "down there" or Target.  So when I brought Mom to an actual grocery store she seemed oddly overwhelmed.  Then left thinking...  "I don't think it's fresh."  B/c everything we got was on sale.  She then insisted next time we needed groceries to go back to target.  OK then.  I got annoyed when...  I bought 2 boxes of soda and the cashier just puts it on the check out counter and starts with the next customer.  I put my wallet away and...  Grab a bag.  He then stops everything he's doing and says, "don't touch anything back here.  If you need a bag, ask for one."  Uh...  I wouldn't have to have grabbed a bag, if you bagged my stuff before starting with the next customer.  He then doesn't help me pack my bag or give me another bag for my other box of soda.  So I just bagged them both in 1 and walk out.  P.s.  This was the same day I wrote how I was annoyed with people.  Ugh.


In one of my trying to fall asleep / surfing the web...  I have this fascination with old school Long Island.  Like what was here before my house was built.  Before the housing boom in the 50s and 60s.  FYI, my house was built in the early 60s and there was one other family that lived here before we did.  Besides farm land, I think there were a lot of institutional buildings, orphanages and the like.  I mean...  There is the Pilgrim Psych Center and all.  Abandoned places, etc.  Anyway...  I think according to the 1940 census, the land we live on was part of a farm.  And I was always told there was a street in our back yard.  I don't know how close this street was...  There is a street sign in the back yard.  Anyway, b/c this supposed street has a following...  Their research says the land was once owned by a Vanderbilt, then was sold to the Diocese of Brooklyn, who used the land as a recreation place for city orphans.  So maybe when Grandma said she saw 2 small children playing in the garden she wasn't too far off!  The supposid Vanderbilt love shack is now a school for troubled yutes...  Then part of that land went to a farmer who had a nursery.

A Great Comet article.  Interesting...

Dr. L once again asked me how an insurance pays for a vaccine and responded like it was the 1st time he heard it.  I swear...  At times my job is so redundant.

I honesty believe if I didn't live in NY, I'd have 0 desire to go to NYC.  I'm not a city type person and...  I think the only reason I got into Broadway was b/c of an 8th grade school trip...  Which I don't think I would have done if I were living anywhere else.  But who knows...  Maybe I'd be living in another town, by a semi big city and we'd go into the city to see a traveling show?  Then I wouldn't be into the Mets...  Maybe into another team that was near by.  The only reason I'm a Mets fan is b/c that was the thing to do in Queens in the late 60s / early 70s.  Suppose Mom went to Chicago.  I guess I'd be a Cubs fan b/c of the Chicagoans.  But like I said...  Would I be into Broadway?  Maybe I'd be more of a City person if we ended up in Chicago.  But it's not like Mom stayed in the city in NY.  Why would she have stayed in the city in Chicago.  Maybe we'd be in the same situation / in the burbs, which in that case is more isolated?  Interesting...  It was literally just farmland.  Queens and Woodmere are pretty much unchanged.

P.s.  I also want to buy this...


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