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Back in the summer I posted about the production of Les Miserables - a new, non-musical production I wrote from the unabridged book, and directed... I havent updated with the latest as I have been swamped up to the eyeballs with good things happening from it.
During the main show run in September, a chap from London came to see it, and was so blown away by it, he instantly, 24 hours later had emailed me to offer us sponsorship to do the show again in a bigger professional theatre than we could ever have afforded. Needless to say we accepted! That went even more amazingly, we now have a web-film series in the offing - shooting the pilots in Spring 2014 - follow my theatre company online website HERE and Facebook HERE, if you want to get in on that, or to follow news, as those are our main points of news release.

And here are some stills from the barricade scene of the London sponsored production of Les Miserables last month (of which I am rabidly proud since I wrote the script, and directed it, and then someone from London came and saw  our first run of it and they instantly sponsored it to go into one of the big professional theatres because they were so blown away by it, plus there is a film in the offing, plus I rabidly love all things Les Mis anyway) I have just been editing film clips (we had the show filmed) for peoples showreels, and nabbed a few screen grabs from the barricade scene of that performance while doing so..
Not in chronological order.

Enjolras and Grantaire, in the final moments of the battle. Thats me dead in the right hand corner of the pic, lol.

Enjolras and Grantaire, as the cannons fall silent....


Things are going horribly wrong at the barricade...

earlier in the battle (thats me stood at the barricade with Enjy)

Taking out an enthusiastic soldier.

Combeferre and Feuilly

Javert is captured.

Valjean releases Javert

Eponine dies in Marius's arms.

Grantaire and Marius


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