Jan. 10th, 2013

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According to this interview with Tom Hooper, his original director's cut of Les Miserables was about three hours. He had to cut approximately twenty minutes out for cinemas. He may release an extended edition, restoring 20-22 minutes "[i]f there’s interest in the community of fans of the musical."

For what it's worth, there's an internet petition, currently with 2,524 signatures. Their goal is to reach 3,000 signatures. I realize that most internet petition disappear into the ether, but it can't hurt! I certainly could watch *that cast* play *these characters* for another 22 minutes! I even signed my real name, not a screenname.

It may also be worthwhile to send mailings to:

Working Title Films
26 Aybrook St
London W1U 4AN


Cameron Mackintosh Ltd
1-2 Bedford Sq
London WC1B 3RB

(At least, according to the United States Postal Service website, mailings to London should be addressed to "England," not UK. I do not know about other countries' coding. Obviously, if you live there, you don't have to worry about international addressing.)

I remember from various "Save Our Show" campaigns that people suggested sending postcards with pictures of where you live, instead of letters, because (1) that immediately showed the geographic range of support; (2) postcards are less expensive; and (3) no one in the offices will be afraid you sent an envelope full of anthrax.

On a different note, does anybody have any Les Mis fanworks recs? Art? Fic? Mixes? Vids? Anything?

This is such a rare but long-lasting fandom, that my normal avenues of finding fanwork recs are not helpful. I know of four fanfics I'd suggest to anyone:

God and Chance by faviconBeth Winter / [livejournal.com profile] bwinter (General Audiences) - Beautiful AU where Fantine survives. This fanfic's pairing (Valjean/Fantine) should not work at all, but faviconBeth Winter makes them convincing.

Nunquam Erit by Kang Xiu (K+) - Five Things that Never Happened to Cosette

as well as two unrelated yet similarly named hilarious crack!fic crossovers with The Phantom of the Opera, Happy Ending by Tam Lynne (K), and The Happy Ending Stealers by [livejournal.com profile] elyse24601 (K+).

Is there anything else? THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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