Jan. 6th, 2013

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I am directing a straight-play adaptation of Les Miserables for a community theatre group that I helped found, this summer, and just wanted a few thoughts. We have one evening and one weekend afternoon, per week to rehearse at our local community centre.
Granted, I have been in a production of Les Mis myself a few years ago, but as a performer only, and so I was not then involved in the more administrative decisions. I decided to ask here, as here, people know the general storyline, so I don't have to write 10 paragraphs, explaining!
My biggest concern is the content of the show, and the fact we will have two child actors, playing Little Cosette and Gavroche., who will be present, due to time and rehearsal venue constraints, when scenes like Fantine being a prostitute, etc are rehearsed. Nothing graphic is shown, but of course it does involve the scenes of Fantine and other tarts soliciting, etc.
The same with the revolution scenes, which are due to be rather action-packed. We are in a rather fuddy-duddy little town, and granted, not all parents will know Les Mis, or would want their children seeing scenes like that... (as I know from experience, playing a wench, at, and being on the admin committee of our towns annual Pirate Festival each year, every year there are complaints about the glorification of pirates!!!!!)

Now I am hoping to cast children aged 10 - 13 for the roles, and fully intend to make the details of the show available on our website beforehand,  and while we have a theatre group rule that where children are involved, their parents attend with them; in addition to which all the group "committee" are CRB checked, but has anyone else been involved in a production of any version of Les Mis and how have you worked around this concern?
Have there actually been no problems, and I am just being super-fussy?


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